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Created: 05/09/2016
By: Code This Lab S.r.l.
Email: info@codethislab.com

Thank you for purchasing our game. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Getting Started
  3. Folder Contents
  4. Set Win Occurrence
  5. HTML Structure
  6. CSS Files and Structure
  7. JavaScript
  8. Game functions
  9. Hide Credits
  10. Change Graphic
  11. Enable Sounds
  12. Wordpress Plugin

A) Description - top

Craps is a HTML5 casino game. Try your luck with this stylish 3D version of Craps Casino Game!
The game contains all the main craps game features like hardways and horn bets. The ZIP package contains the game with 1280x768 resolution that scales to fit the whole screen device
Just warning that for very wide screens, the game may not be perfectly full screen. The game is fully compatible with all most common mobile devices.
Sounds are enabled for mobile but we can't grant full audio compatibility on all mobile devices due to some well-know issue between some mobile-browser and HTML5. So if you want to avoid sound loading, please read Enable Sound section).
WARNING: Sounds can't be enabled for Windows Phone as this kind of device have unsolved issues with 'audio' and 'video' tag.

B) Folder Contents - top

The item package contains the following folders:

C) Getting Started - top

To install the game just upload on your server the game folder live_demo. WARNING: The game won't run LOCALLY with some browser like Chrome due to some security restrictions. To let it work correctly you have to upload it online.

D) Set Win Occurrence - top

You can set the win occurrence percentage, editing the parameter 'win_occurrence' in index.html. Set a value between 0 and 100.

The win occurrence is strictly related to the 'casino_cash' parameter, that is the amount of money that the casino table currently have. So if the casino money are less than the current player bet, the player can't win because the game doesn't have enough money.

E) HTML Structure - top

This game have the canvas tag in the body. The ready event into the body calls the main function of the game: CMain().
The head section declares all the javascript functions of the game. The whole project uses a typical object-oriented approach.
In the init function there are 6 mapped events that can be useful eventually for stats


F) CSS Files and Structure - top

The game use two CSS files. The first one is a generic reset file. Many browser interpret the default behavior of html elements differently. By using a general reset CSS file, we can work round this. Keep in mind, that these values might be overridden somewhere else in the file.

The second file contains all of the specific stylings for the canvas and some hack to be fully compatible with all most popular mobile devices

G) JavaScript - top

This game contains:

  1. jQuery
  2. Our custom scripts
  3. CreateJs plugin
  4. Howler Sound library
  1. jQuery is a Javascript library that greatly reduces the amount of code that you must write.
  2. The game have the following js files:
    • CMain: the main class called by the index file.
      This file controls the sprite_lib.js file that manages the sprite loading, the loop game and initialize the canvas with the CreateJs library
    • ctl_utils: this file manages the canvas resize and its centering
    • sprite_lib: this class loads all images declared in the main class
    • settings: general game settings
    • CLang: global string variables for language localization
    • CPreloader: simple text preloader to show resources loading progress
    • CMenu: simple menu with play button
    • CGfxButton: this class create a standard button
    • CTextButton: this class create a standard text button
    • CGame: this class manages the game logic
    • CInterface: this class controls game GUI that contains text and buttons
    • CGameOver: this class controls the game over panel that appears when player lose all the lives
    • CBetTableButton: this class manages the table hit area
    • CEnlight: this class manages the sprites that enlight bets on table
    • CFiche: this class manages the fiche sprite
    • CFicheBut: the buttons on table to select the fiche
    • CFichesController: this class manages the fiches on table
    • CMsgBox: this class manages the message box that appear for warning
    • CGameSettings: this class contains all the info about dice rolling frames, fiche values, etc..
    • CSeat: this class manages some user info like money, current bet, etc...
    • CTableController: this class manages all table bet button
    • CTweenController: this class manages the fiches tweening
    • CDicesAnim: this class manages the 3D dice rolling animation
    • CAreYouSurePanel: this class manages the panel that pop up when user click on exit button.
    • CCreditsPanel: this class manages the credits panel into menu screen
    • CDicesTopDownView: this class manages small panel that shows the dice result in a windon on the top-right corner
    • CPuck: this class manages the puck that is used to assign eventually a number after dice rolling.
  3. CreateJs is a suite of modular libraries and tools which work together to enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5.
  4. Howler is a javascript Audio library.

Resuming, the complete game flow is the following:

  1. The index.html file calls the CMain.js file after ready event is called
  2. The main class calls CPreloader.js to init preloader text and start sprite loading
  3. When all sprites contained in "/sprites" folder are loaded, the main class removes the preloader and calls the CMenu.js file that shows the main menu
  4. If user click on the play button in main menu, the CGame.js class is called and the game starts
  5. The User can start the game, clicking one of the chips on table
  6. If user click on the exit button in the up-right corner, the game returns to the menu screen

H) Game functions - top

In this section will be explained all the most important functions used in CGame.js file.

I) Hide Credits - top

If you want to hide credits in main menu, change to false the following value in index.html file:


J) Change Graphic - top

You can easily change all the game graphic, replacing all the file you need in the "/sprites" folder. Just respect file format (.png or .jpg) and size if you don't want to change any code line.

K) Disable Sounds - top

If you want to disable all the sounds for mobile devices, you have to change the following value in settings.js file:


I) Wordpress Plugin - top

CTL Arcade will allow you to add a real arcade on your worpress website, in this way your users will be more involved and will stay connected longer.

It's possible to add Ads banner at the beginning of each game and at the end of each level. This will give you a new tool to increase your revenues.

Your own users will promote your website sharing their scores on the main Social Networks, with no extra costs for you.

You'll get by default the score-sharing on Twitter. To add Facebook just follow the guideline below.

3 widgets can be added in your pages through a shortcode.

Minimum Requirements:

This plugin is designed to work only with games built by Code This Lab.

You can find it here!

ctl arcade

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this game. Fell free to contact us if you have any questions or issue relating to this game. No guarantees, but we'll do our best to assist.


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